1:1 Campaign

We think each individual customer deserves your personal attention.

That’s why even though 1:1 marketing is the hottest buzzword in the industry today, at beckmanXMO, we’ve been helping our customers add a personal touch to their marketing efforts for years. Through services like digital printing, personalized CD/DVD duplication, and interactive media development, we offer affordable ways to create personalized content and relevant offers that resonate more effectively with customers and ultimately lead to greater business profitability.

Today, beckmanXMO customers benefit from seamless, fully integrated 1:1 campaigns that use this individualized approach to build loyal, lifelong clients and deliver a greater ROI on marketing spends. Through our campaign process, we offer the capabilities to plan, produce, print, deliver, and manage the entire 1:1 campaign all under one roof. And through our expertise with XMO (Cross Media Optimization), we offer the ability to collect the data and details about customers and prospects that facilitate more effective 1:1 communication. Learn how 1:1 Marketing works and why it will work for you.