Success Management

We think campaigns don’t ‘end’ when the website launches or the last direct mail piece ships from our office. At beckmanXMO, we begin each project with strategic planning because we believe that everything we design or produce must be focused on achieving a specific result. During the final phase of our process—success management—we evaluate just how well our work meets the metrics and benchmarks established in the planning phase.

With the help of industry-leading analytics software, we can provide you with specific feedback and reports detailing how your piece or campaign is working. We can pit different creative message or executions against each other. We can see how different audiences respond to your message.

And ultimately, we can use the information gleaned to tweak, refine, and adjust your campaign for the best possible results.

So you see, beckmanXMO is much, much more than a print shop or mail house. We’re a partner with the commitment and the capabilities to ensure your success.

See how our campaign process works with XMO or 1:1 campaigns.