Tracy Beckman started S. Beckman Print and Graphic Solutions in 1982, with the desire to help local companies improve the quality of their messages through affordable, timely print services. In January 2007, the company became beckmanXMO (XMO=“Cross Media Optimization”), which operates currently in Columbus and employs a talented staff of around a dozen – many with more than 20 years of experience with the company.

beckmanXMO’s investment in multi-color / long-run / short-run equipment and software has grown along with the company, and its business model has evolved from printing-only to include interactive marketing, branding, creative services, mailing and fulfillment, and web design services. And the company does this all under one roof.

As an older communications company, Tracy feels the business is all the wiser for it. “We’ve succeeded over the years because we’ve remained committed to the kind of quality customer service that helped me launch this business in the first place – and because we’ve kept a finger on the pulse of the industry. We’ve always adapted with our customers’ needs to provide services that aren’t just ‘right now,’ but that are ‘right on’ when it comes to getting the results our customers expect and deserve. And the skilled people we’ve been able to bring in over the years has helped us achieve this.”

You can rest assured that beckmanXMO will continue to evolve with the industry, and will continue to provide services that deliver the most value for your marketing dollars, year after year.

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